EJTA Membership criteria

  • The candidate member runs an active curriculum of professional practical training (including regularly creating journalistic products) and the curriculum achieves integration of theory and practice of journalism.
  • Students are taught a variety of journalistic methods to bring them to a professional level of competence.
  • A full cycle of teaching has been completed and the teaching programme has been running for three years.
  • The candidate member does not depend on a political party or any group involving social, political, ideological, religious or racial discrimination.
  • If the lifelong learning centre does depend on a single press group, its student membership is not limited to employees of that group but is open to the general public and the curriculum does not constitute a programme of in-house training.
  • The candidate member accepts students without discrimination on social, political, ideological, religious or racial grounds and without conditions or obligations as to future jobs and employers.
  • The candidate member does not operate as a commercial organisation trading for profit (to be discussed with the EJTA representative visiting your school).
  • The applicant accepts the EJTA TARTU Declaration.

Membership applications must be submitted before the end of August. The application should describe the statutes, the curricula and the number of students in journalism. If the applying member has a national accreditation, the report should also be included.

Application documents and procedure


Next steps

1. Send your application by e-mail to info [at] ejta.eu AND to director [at] ejta.eu

You can also send the hard copy to:

European Journalism Training Association (EJTA)

Krishna Coenen

Zandpoortvest 60
B- 2800 Mechelen

2. The EJTA Board will examine your application.

3. If the Board evaluates the application positively, the applicant gets a detailed outline of the procedure from the EJTA Office. This is a summary:

  • An EJTA Board member will visit the applicant’s institution.
  • The Board member will write a recommendation for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board will circulate this recommendation to the members no later than 30 days prior to the AGM.
  • The candidate member gives a presentation (7 minutes) about the institution and the reasons for wanting to become a member; after that the Annual General Meeting votes on admission.
  • If admitted, the new member will pay the annual fee for the calendar year following the AGM.

Questions, more information …?

Please contact the EJTA Office or the EJTA Director.