EJTA presentation and flyer

Feel free to use the EJTA corporate presentation to introduce EJTA to your (educational) partners.

You can also use the EJTA flyer for web.

EJTA conference presentations

If you’re interested in one of the presentations used in a previous EJTA conference or event, please send a mail to office [at] ejta.eu.

EJTA logo

Logo guidelines

  • The logo must always be displayed at a size large enough to read all text.
  • A white background is the preferred choice. When used on a colored background, it must be used in a color choice that provides proper contrast.
  • Do not use any other colors in presenting the logo or alter the color selections in any way.
  • Always use the 300 ppi logo for print purposes.

Member institutions are encouraged to use the EJTA logo on their websites, brochures, and elsewhere.

The logo of EJTA may be used by third parties only if:

  • Permission is requested and granted before the logo is used.
  • It is not used in connection with objectives or activities which are incompatible with the aims and principles of the European Journalism Training Association.
  • To request permission for the use of the EJTA logo, please contact the EJTA office: office [at] ejta.eu