Photo credits: Carien Touwen

At least five good reasons to consider joining the EJTA network

  • Become part of a professional network of journalism education providers
  • Stay updated of the latest developments in the field
  • Benefit from the regularly organised EJTA events
  • Use this website to promote your school or university
  • Set up student and teacher exchanges

Is EJTA membership for my school?

  • EJTA-members are both vocational and academic institutions and mid-career training centers.
  • Mid-career institutions, involved in forms of professional continuing education, have their own section within the EJTA.
  • Each institution pays an annual fee of €1000. The yearly fee covers the Association’s daily management and administration, the members’ participation to the EJTA Teachers’ Training and Annual General Meeting and other projects.

What’s in it for my school?

  • Members are invited to join the EJTA AGM and annual conference, the Teachers’ Trainings, the premeetings and task forces, the online EJTAlks, the lifelong learning meetings and best practice sessions.
  • Members have full access to the EJTA LinkedIn closed page.
  • Members can promote their programmes on and have full access to EJTA mobility catalogue.
  • Members receive the EJTA newsletter with information about the Association and its members schools and new developments in journalism education.
  • Members can benefit from information, expertise and possible involvement in EU-funded projects.
  • Members can actively participate in EUfactcheck, EJTA’s fact-checking project, use its educational material and have students publish on
  • Members can develop contacts to promote the exchange of teachers and students and have access to a pool of expertise in arranging exchanges and other projects, including research.
  • Members can, with a view to collaboration on research or when looking for speakers, find experts in specific fields on the EJTA LinkedIn page.
  • Members are represented by the executive board of the Association. The board defends the members’ interests within the European institutions, international organisations and the professional associations.
  • Members have the possibility of participating in the common debate about the important questions/problems of journalism and journalism training; in 2006/20013/2020 the association formulated the TARTU DECLARATION which has become a benchmark for journalism training worldwide.
  • Members receive a discount on subscription to the Routledge “Journalism Studies” journal.
EJTA Teachers Conference Liverpool 2023
EJTA Teachers' Conference - Liverpool 2023 Photo credits: Carien Touwen