These are the members of the Board as of January 2024:

Carien J. Touwen
Carien J. Touwen is lecturer and coordinator of internationalisation and exchange programmes at the School of Journalism of HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht (Netherlands). She is also part of the production team of ETJA’s fact checking project

Anne Leppäjärvi
Anne Leppäjärvi works as a Degree program director both in Bachelor and Master degree programs in Journalism at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Along her work at Haaga-Helia she works as a text book writer and media literacy specialist.

Tiko Tsomaia
Tiko Tsomaia (MD, PhD) is a professor of journalism and communication at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs in Tbilisi. She is running platform that tracks violent crime against women. Tsomaia is a founder of an “open movement” to support open discussion about mental health issues in Georgia. Tsomaia holds Ph.D. in social sciences from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, and MA in Medicine and Journalism and Media Management.

Nikolaus Koller, President a.i.
Nikolaus Koller is managing director of the Kuratorium für Journalistenausbildung (KfJ). He holds a degree in Business Administration and New Media Journalism and worked as an editor for Die Presse. On the EJTA-Board he represents the mid-career institutes.

Nadia VISSERS, Director
Nadia Vissers is lecturer and coordinator of internationalisation and workplacement in the Bachelor of Journalism at the Artesis Plantijn University College in Antwerp (Belgium).