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WJEC Call for reviewers

Message from Elanie Steyn, University of Oklahoma.

Big part of the success of the WJEC conference is getting reviewers to review paper abstracts and help us identify the best papers to be presented at the conference.  As we are approaching the submission deadline, we need your help in distributing to your members the request for reviewers to volunteer for this process.
Please direct them to follow the following instructions if they are volunteering to help us with this:

- by going to the link in parentheses reviewers will go to the home page under "call for abstracts;"
- there they will click on “Abstract Reviewer;”
- they should then register to be a reviewer by filling out the short reviewer signup sheet that tells us more of what their areas of expertise are, so we can assign them to the proper paper abstracts.

Please encourage your members to sign up and help us with this process.

If they (or you) have any questions, please feel free to contact me: