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Creation of Nature and Environment Documentaries Training Bid

The Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) is implementing the project “Connecting the Dots: Improved Policies through Civic Participation” in North Macedonia, supported by the British Embassy in Skopje. As a part of it, the platform HOME aims to create short environmental and educational videos, short nature and environment documentaries as well as short in – depth journalistic stories that point on specific environmental issues such as pollution, protected areas, endangered species, climate change and environmental education in the N. Macedonia and Balkan Region. The idea is not just to present the problem, or the area of interest, but also to give human aspects of the story and to send a call for action and change.

ICS seeks to engage two UK experts, preferably one experienced in pre-production (scriptwriting, research and planning) and the other experienced in the practical part of the production (shooting and directing on set, editing and mastering the material) of environment documentaries:

Project outline and  call to action document