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Call for proposals WJEC 5 - 2019

The World Journalism Education Congress announces a call for proposals to host the 5th World Journalism Education Congress to be held in 2019.  This fifth Congress will follow those in Singapore (2007), Grahamstown, South Africa (2010), Mechelen, Belgium (2013)  and Auckland, New Zealand (2016).  The congresses are held under the auspices of the World Journalism Education Council, which is an informal coalition of 32 academic organizations involved wholly or partly in journalism education that is dedicated to advancing the field by sponsoring congresses, conducting a global census and producing scholarship (wjec.ou.edu).

Proposals to host the 5th World Journalism Education Congress in 2016 should meet the following criteria:

1.    Bids should be endorsed by a WJEC-affiliated organization in the host country.
2.    The WJEC may be held in conjunction with an existing academic or professional conference in the host country.
3.    Applicants must show their capability to organize a multi-faceted academic meeting.
4.    Financial responsibility for conducting a WJEC congress will lie with the host institution with revenue to be generated by delegate registration, sponsorships, and grants.
5.    The registration fee will be negotiated between WJEC and the host institution/organization.  Preference will be given to proposals that contain plans for reduced registration for delegates from developing countries and sponsorship to support delegates from developing countries.
6.    Proposals should include a detailed budget for a three-day congress with revenue and expense projections and contain a letter of commitment from the head of the host institution/organization.
7.    Proposals should include a description of transportation options to/from the venue, accommodation options and cultural/tourism opportunities.
8.    The three-day program format for the Congress should include the following:    
A.    Plenaries
B.    Panels
C.    Paper Presentations
D.    Small Group Syndicates
9.    WJEC will share responsibility for organizing and running the academic paper competition, the competition for panel proposals and the scheduling of syndicates.
10.    WJEC and the local organizing committee will negotiate the dates for the congress.
11.    Proposals should assume that meetings and presentations will be conducted mainly in English.  Preference will be given to proposals that provide for simultaneous translation of major sessions into other languages.

Deadline for proposals is May 31, 2016.  Proposals should be sent electronically in PDF format to Joe Foote at .  Finalists will be expected to make a presentation at the Council meeting to be held on July 13 in Auckland.