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Call for abstracts for KAIROS: Journal in Media and Communications

EJTA member Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) from Skopje, Macedonia, has recently published a call for abstracts under the second edition of KAIROS – Media and Communications Review.

KAIROS is an international and open-access journal focused on the academic reflection of media and information literacy issues, media education, critical thinking, digital media, and new trends in media and communication studies. It promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas between teachers, academics, researchers, students, and other professionals in the field of media and communications.

The journal will be devoted to addressing contemporary issues and future developments related to the interdisciplinary academic discussion, the results of empirical research, and the mutual interaction of expertise in media and information studies, media education, as well as their sociological, psychological, political, linguistic, and technological aspects.

Apart from these areas, the publisher will consider other interesting articles and contributions offering new perspectives and solutions relevant to media, communications, education, strategic management, and business.

All articles in KAIROS are double-blind reviewed. Internationally renowned experts from the academic and research community are involved in the process of anonymous double-blind reviews.

You can find more information about the call for abstracts and how you can submit your proposals on their website.