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#EJTAlk10 (31/3/2023): Artificial Intelligence and Journalism Education

Please find here the PowerPoint presentation by Frederik Marain and Eric Nahon.

#EJTAlk9 (17/2/2023): Green Travel Policy and its posssible consequences

Headed by Carien Touwen and Jamie Smith.

#EJTAlk8 (30/9/2023): 'Mid Career(s): Current status and developments'

Headed by Nikolaus Koller.

#EJTAlk7: "how to use the UNESCO handbook ‘Reporting on Migrants and Refugees" w/testimonials

#EJTAlk6 on 18 March 22 'How to teach our students to find truthful information during war time' was a great success, thanks to our speaker Laura Battaglia , journalist and war reporter, director/editor in chief publications J-School Catholic University in Milan (Italy).

She wants to share the following links with you. Most of the tools she mentioned.

Handbooks, experts, people and organizations to follow:

#EJTAlk5: "How can we coach students better to find their own profile?"


#EJTAlk4: "How to create media diversity through journalism teaching"


#EJTAlk3: Data Journalism



Questionnaire results

#EJTAlk2: The future of International exchanges (staff and students) and projects, different European prospectives


#EJTAlk1: How to proceed?