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January 26-27: Research seminar of the Hungarian Digital Media Observatory. 

The research seminar of the Hungarian Digital Media Observatory, a European Commission funded project hosted by Agence France Presse and with the collaboration of the news organisation 444/Magyar Jeti Zrt and the Media Universalis Foundation, aims at addressing the content and contours of the disinformation ecosystem, based on empirical research in the field. The event concludes the EU-funded Lakmusz.hu project’s first segment with the involvement of a small but strong cohort of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers from across Europe. More information can be found here.


#EJTAlk7: "how to use the UNESCO handbook ‘Reporting on Migrants and Refugees" w/testimonials

#EJTAlk6 on 18 March 22 'How to teach our students to find truthful information during war time' was a great success, thanks to our speaker Laura Battaglia , journalist and war reporter, director/editor in chief publications J-School Catholic University in Milan (Italy).

She wants to share the following links with you. Most of the tools she mentioned.

Handbooks, experts, people and organizations to follow:

#EJTAlk5: "How can we coach students better to find their own profile?"


#EJTAlk4:"How to create media diversity through journalism teaching"


#EJTAlk3: Data Journalism



Questionnaire results

#EJTAlk2: The future of International exchanges (staff and students) and projects, different European prospectives


#EJTAlk1: How to proceed?