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EJTA AGM and Annual Conference, May 2017, GERMANY

Venue: Die Deutsche Journalistenschule, Munich, Germany

Please visit the conference website for information & registration

Registration is required, members access only.

EJTA Teachers' Conference 19-20 October 2017, RUSSIA

Venue: Moscow State University, Moscow

EJTA AGM and Annual Conference, Spring 2018, SPAIN

Venue: to be confirmed, Barcelona, Spain

EJTA Teachers' Conference Autumn 2018, GREECE

Venue: to be confirmed, Thessaloniki, Greece

EJTA AGM and Annual Conference, 2019 , FRANCE (as part of WJEC5)

Venue: to be confirmed, Paris, France

EJTA Teachers' Conference, Autumn 2019, GERMANY

Venue: to be confirmed, Dortmund, Germany